I wanted to understand how come UNIX is so standardized and developer-friendly.

Before engineers at BELL Labs even thought UNIX, the computer industry suffered unproductivity in large-scale projects: too many people, too many inefficiencies, delay, and improper planning. UNIX made computers more productive.

Unlike hardware, people demand new or modified…

After working on MongoDB for about six years, I am sharing certain practices that have worked well for me.

Introduction to MongoDB

In relational database designs, the schema is statically defined. In document-based databases such as MongoDB, the schema is dynamic and is based on the document structure. MongoDB is a schemaless database.

Designing MongoDB Document Stores

This blog post will discuss the research paper, Zookeeper: Wait-free coordination for Internet-scale systems. Click here for downloading the paper.

What problem does Zookeeper solve?

Coordination is of utmost importance in distributed applications. While building distributed systems, we need primitives like distributed lock services, shared registers, group messaging, etc. …

Why do you need dimensional data modeling and how to implement it?

What is dimensional data modeling?

Dimensional modeling (DM) is part of the Business Dimensional Lifecycle methodology developed by Ralph Kimball which includes a set of methods, techniques and concepts for use in data warehouse design. The approach focuses on identifying the key business processes within a business and modelling and implementing these first before adding…

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